System 99/A

  • The “A” in the System *99A* designation stands for “Adjustable Mechanical Lifting Advantage”.  It is more versatile than the System *99B* but it requires a highly trained individual to perform the different configuration changes.
  • The *99/A* System can be ‘down~rigged’ into a ‘1 to 1’ lifting advantage system. In this form it is usually used to control descent ~ or to raise an empty harness or chair, or a light~weight load (SEE BELOW).
  • The *99/A* System … can be “RIGGED” in several different ways. The standard *99/A* stock System is rigged to provide a ‘2 to 1’ Mechanical Lifting Advantage, and comes with one stock #1030 pulley.
  • Or, by adding additional Multi~Roller / split type pulleys it can be further up~rigged (’3 to 1′, ’4 to 1′, or ’5 to 1′) / as conditions and loads may require. Several years ago / we made one up / rigged / to ’10 to 1′ / for a Vet / @ Texas A & M’s Vet Center / so he could lift Cows, Bulls, and other oversize critters / in the field.
  • If you wish to up~rig your system by adding additional pulleys ~ remember that one / or two / additional # 2210 karabiners will be needed to hang the additional pulley.
  • The Standard *99/A* ~ ’2 to 1′ system measures 30 Inches ~ from the top of the top karabiner to the bottom of the bottom karabiner. When configured in ~ ’3 to 1′ ~ ’4 to 1′, or ’5 to 1′ form, it measures 40 Inches.
  • Please keep in mind that the *99/A* System requires what we call “RIGGING~TRAINING” …  and should be used ‘ONLY’ by highly trained personnel.




System 99/B

  • The “B” in the System *99B* designation stands for “Bolt Together Pulleys”. This describes the more simple configuration of the *99B* and it effectively make it slightly less flexible than the System *99A* but it is also much more user friendly and does not require special training on how to configure it and use it. The *99B* is best suited for industrial applications (versus rescue operations) and is ideal for casual users.
  • The *99/B* Standard System measures only 30 Inchesfrom the top of the top Karabiner to the bottom of the bottom Karabiner, andweighs only 12 pounds.
  • Overall, the *99/B* lends itself more to  industrial type applications, whereas the *99/A* system may be more appropriate in fire and rescue type applications.
  • As mentioned numerous times on this site, we can rope our systems with virtually any length rope. We recently shipped two of our *99/B* Systems with 2,600 feet, (almost a half~mile), of rope on each.