Rope Suspension System



The System 99 is the Essential Partner for raising or lowering personnel in order to perform a multitude of different tasks! This rope system and family of accessories is one of the most versatile devices in the tool world.

We Manufacture TOP Quality RESCUE, SAFETY, and HIGH-ANGLE, (Steeplejack) Equipment.  All our Man-Rated Products Fall into the O. S. H. A. General Safety Industry “Fall Protection” Equipment Category.  Click on the “Click here for a demo” link above to show a demonstration video and see our product in action!  Also, please click on the links in our menu bar above to view more information about our flagship products: the System 99A and System 99B Personnel Raising and Lowering System.  As you will see, our products can be used for anything from performing a difficult job high above the ground to rescuing an injured accident victim.  Specific uses for our system include: Construction, Steeplejacking, Electric Utilities, Refineries, Engineering inspectors, Grain elevators, Fire departments, Tree-house aficionados, and many more!

  • Fire and Rescue

    Fire and Rescue The System 99 Personnel Lifting-Lowering System is the ideal rescue and recovery tool due to i

  • Construction and Maintenance

    Construction and Maintenance The most popular place the System 99 gets used is on the jobsite - though it is e

  • Marine

    Marine The System 99 is the perfect tool to use for marine activities such as climbing a sailboat mast or simply

  • Special Applications

    Special Applications We occasionally receive requests to use the System99 for purpose other than which it wa