International Safety Lifting-Lowering System from Devault, PA

Rope Suspension System

System 99 is the Essential Partner for raising or lowering personnel in order to perform a multitude of different tasks! This rope system and family of accessories is one of the most versatile devices in the tool world. 

Our international safety lifting-lowering system from Devault, PA, is TOP Quality RESCUE, SAFETY, and HIGH-ANGLE, (Steeplejack) Equipment.  All of our Man-Rated Products fall into the O. S. H. A. General Safety Industry “Fall Protection” Equipment Category.

Select the “Click here for a demo” link above to show a demonstration video and see our international safety lifting-lowering system from Devault, PA, in action!  Also, please click on the links in our menu bar above to view more information about our flagship products: the System 99A and System 99B Personnel Raising and Lowering System. 

As you will see, our products can be used for anything from performing a difficult job high above the ground to rescuing an injured accident victim.  Specific users for our system include construction companies, steeple workers, electric and utility lineman, refineries, engineering inspectors, grain elevator operators, fire departments, tree-house aficionados, and many more!

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  • Fire and Rescue

    Fire and Rescue The System 99 Personnel Lifting-Lowering System is the ideal rescue and recovery tool due to i

  • Construction and Maintenance

    Construction and Maintenance The most popular place the System 99 gets used is on the jobsite - though it is e

  • Marine

    Marine The System 99 is the perfect tool to use for marine activities such as climbing a sailboat mast or simply

  • Special Applications

    Special Applications We occasionally receive requests to use the System99 for purpose other than which it wa