Construction and Maintenance

The most popular place the System 99 gets used is on the job site – though it is equally capable in its other uses. The System 99 can literally make a job possible that was previously thought to be impossible. If you’re a contractor, the System 99 can add countless jobs to the list of offerings that you have for your customers. If you require the System 99’s unique capabilities for company’s internal purposes, the System 99 provides an easy a low maintenance way of accomplishing those tasks.

Fire and Rescue

The System 99 Personnel Lifting-Lowering System is the ideal rescue and recovery tool due to its small size and ability to operate in a confined space and attach to just about any secure overhead attachment point.


Since many rescue situations need to occur in minute, not hours, this system is critical to have on hand to save lives.

Special Applications

Whether you are a steeplejack, professional tree surgeon, or a homeowner that enjoys doing it yourself, the System 99 is ideal for these types of jobs.


One of our technicians can provide details on the additional measures that should be taken when performing these activities.