Rope Suspension System



The Essential Steeplejack’s Partner!  This rope system and family of accessories is one of the most versatile devices in the tool world.

We Manufacture TOP Quality RESCUE, SAFETY, and HIGH-ANGLE, (Steeplejack) Equipment. All our Man-Rated Products Fall into the O. S. H. A. General Safety Industry *Fall~Protection* Equipment Category.  Click on the “Demo” link below to show our YouTube page and see our product in action!  Also, please click on the links in our menu bar above to view more information about our flagship products: the System *99A* and System *99B* Personnel Raising and Lowering System.  As you will see, our products can be used for anything from performing a difficult job high above the ground to rescuing an injured accident victim.

Uses for our system include:

  • Construction
  • Steeplejacking
  • Electric utilities
  • Refineries
  • Engineering inspectors
  • Grain elevators
  • Fire departments
  • Tree-house aficionadoes
  • And many more!

 Click on the “Play” button below to view a demo of our flagship product

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Within this website you will not only find information describing our family of unique products, but also a tremendous amount of information on working at height. Our best selling system is pictured on each page. Please take a few moments & review our site, where you will discover the versatility and usefulness our products provide. Thanks for dropping by!

Since 1980 we have Sold over 40,000 Systems.  We have a 34 YEAR, 100% SPOTLESS SAFETY RECORDAlthough, I’m sure there’s been a few pinched fingers along the way!  We also have never had a customer return a system, and ask for a refund for ANY REASON!

This is a top quality system.  Do you want anything less holding you?

Next-day shipments available.  Please call 610-935-8866 or email Sales@System99.com to order or to discuss any questions with one of our experts.

 Proudly made in the USA!

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